The Massachusetts Appeals Court yesterday rejected a convicted stalker’s argument that his conviction should be overturned because his conduct was “motivated by jealousy and anger” and therefore not willful.  The name of the case is Commonwealth v. ChongaContinue Reading

In a divided opinion, a panel of the Massachusetts Appeals Court today ruled 2-1 that a large amount of cocaine recovered from a car following a motor vehicle stop will be suppressed.  The name of the case is Commonwealth v. Barreto. Continue Reading

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court today affirmed the conviction against a man who beat to death his six-month-old son in a Chicopee apartment in 2009.  The name of the case is Commonwealth v. Goitia. Continue Reading

In a trio of cases decided yesterday, the Massachusetts Appeals Court clarified the Commonwealth’s burden in cases where defendants are alleged to have violated the “stay away” provision of restraining orders.  The names of the cases are Commonwealth v. Watson, Commonwealth v. Telcinord, and Commonwealth v. Goldman.   Continue Reading